Company Overview
CER Groupe is a Belgian Registered Research Center established 40 years ago providing services, products and research in veterinarian, biotech and biomedical areas.

Preclinical services

◦ Preclinical models in cell therapy, cancerology, infectiology and immunology
◦ Small and large animals
◦ Regulatory and non-regulatory studies in SPF/SOPF and ABSL3 facilities
◦ GLP-compliant CRO
◦ Analytical support : ELISA, FACS, PCR, cell-based assays, ...


◦ Custom monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies
◦ Process development
◦ Assays development
◦ Antigen design
◦ Virus production
◦ Cell banking
◦ Freeze-drying, microplate preparation and other custom development services

Working with > 300 partners, CER Groupe provides integrated solutions for your projects.