Company Overview
AnaBios is an innovative drug discovery company that employs its multi-step human-focused technology to discover novel drugs directly in healthy and diseased human tissues. This screening strategy eliminates translational risks related to species differences. Our technology refocuses drug discovery directly on human outcomes. Drug candidates selected with AnaBios’ technology are more likely to succeed in clinical studies, compared to drugs tested only in animals. For the industry, this is a paradigm shift that could greatly reduce the overall cost of drug development by decreasing the occurrence of failures and increasing the number of successes. Over the past six years, AnaBios has extensively validated their human tissue-based approach by conducting collaborative research with many of the top pharmaceutical companies. We are currently leveraging the human tissue technology to develop novel treatments for pain and heart disease.

AnaBios announces the selection of a clinical candidate with potential for non-addictive treatment of chronic inflammatory pain. Our compound is a dual inhibitor of 2 voltage-gated Nav channels, highly expressed in human sensory neurons under conditions of chronic inflammation. The drug exhibits a strong, activity-dependent inhibitory activity on human sensory neurons from chronic inflammation, with minimal impact on normal nociception. Studies in validated human cardiac tissue models show an ample cardiac safety margin. Animal studies demonstrate a lack of measurable CNS-related side effects with very limited brain penetration. The compound is orally bioavailable and has favorable metabolic and PK properties with no detectable toxicity signals or adverse event potential seen in an array of early studies. AnaBios is currently seeking partnering opportunities for entering clinical trials.