Company Overview
Privately owned, Biolab is a brazilian pharmaceutical company founded in 1997, today among the Top 10 on the pharmaceutical market in Brazil and in 6th position in the ethical pharmaceutical marketing. Biolab business model is focused on prescription products, with strong internal R&D activities and through partnership with universities and research centers.

Over 100 products on the market specially focused in cardiovascular diseases, gynecology, dermatology, rheumatology, orthopedics, pediatrics, endocrinology, geriatrics and GP.
Absolut leader on Cardiovascular drugs market in Brazil, reaching  1st place on dermatology since recent years.
Biolab's projected turn over is BLR 2,0 bi (around USD 586MM) on sales in 2018. Our sales force has around 1,200 collaborators fully dedicated to promoting company's portfolio all over the Brazilian territory.
Biolab has four manufacturing facilities in Brazil, and one of them is  totally dedicated for Research and Development.
Our partnerships are the result of a continuous pursuit for innovation. Besides national and international Universities and Research Centers, Biolab has partnerships with some of the most important pharmaceutical companies of the world.

Biolab has kick-started its internationalization strategy, announcing investments of USD 40 million will be made over the next two years. Biolab has opened a research and development (R&D) center outside of Brazil in the province of Ontario, Canada. Further, Biolab has installed a business unit in Miami, EUA – with a focus on the partnerships expansion with multinational.