Company Overview
LifeNet Health is a leading provider of human transplant organs and tissue allografts as well as regenerative medicine products globally, with a mission for saving lives, restoring health and giving hope. Our LifeSciences Division is dedicated to providing scientists with a broad spectrum of services to drive human tissue and cell-based research and discovery. There are three main categories of service within the LifeSciences division described below:

Human Hepatocytes – LifeNet Health’s primary human hepatocytes meet the specific needs of a wide range of scientific research applications, including drug development and hepatotoxicity testing. Donated liver tissues are recovered under state-of-the-art conditions using the highest standards for tissue recovery and preservation, which utilize enhanced tissue handling and transportation methods and minimize warm and cold ischemia times to optimize tissue processing outcomes. These measures, combined with refined cell-isolation techniques and advanced post thaw characterization, represent a new industry standard for hepatocyte quality and performance.

Human Primary Cells -LifeNet Health is able to isolate primary cells according to customer requests and specifications. Optimized use of primary human cells enables more reliable study of the functionality and interaction of organ systems, tissues, and cells. Timely access to the high-quality tissues allows for rapid isolation of primary cells for research and toxicological studies.

Human Microtumor Oncology Models – The LifeNet Health Oncology Services Program is powered by HuBiogelTM, an all human non-denatured ECM platform used in cost-effective, 3D, high-throughput systems for discovery and development of cancer therapeutics. The HuBiogel based system is validated by genomic and efficacy endpoints to correlate with PDX models (>85%). This allows for de-risking decisions on advancing leads into animal models, and answering critical questions during preclinical and clinical development.

Human Tissues for Research - LifeNet Health has access to organs and tissues from both normal and diseased donors to support your research needs. Our human tissue specimens are well annotated and support unmet needs at academic and research institutes, pharmaceutical, life sciences, and biotech companies. Tissues are recovered in operating room environments within hours of the cessation of blood flow, making them ideal for viable-cell work and gene-expression studies. Available organs, tissues and other sample types include: blood, csf, bone marrow, cardiovascular, digestive, endocrine, lymphatic, musculoskeletal, nervous, reproductive, respiratory and urinary tissues.

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