Company Overview
BioAlps is the life science cluster of Western Switzerland. The association is an active and growing network of research institutions, academic institutions, start-up companies and large, blue chip multinationals. The life science sectors in BioAlps are experiencing double digit annual growth. It is the most diversified life science cluster in the world.

The BioAlps Association is supported by the Cantons of Bern, Fribourg, Vaud, Neuchâtel, Geneva, Valais, Jura and the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs.

With a mission of promoting the excellence and performance in the life science developments in this cluster at all levels: regionally, nationally and in the international arena, BioAlps is the entry point to a wealth of contacts, knowhow, knowledge and provides both personal and institutional support.

Everything that BioAlps does is geared towards innovation and nurturing creativity in research, education and business in order to enable novel products and services to reach the market efficiently and quickly.

BioAlps organises events and co organises conventions, participates in a number of international events and supports conferences promoting the cluster and offering its members a wealth of networking opportunities

The BioAlps region offers many assets for attracting companies and start-ups:

. Strong, dynamic and economy-friendly academic research: efficient technology transfer practices

. Most favourable tax rulings and conditions in Europe, particularly for new companies and international corporate structures

. Incubators offering lab space, coaching and financial support

. Flexibility of labour market and labour relations

. Strong VC presence and public financial tools for boosting young companies' development

. Easy to attract the best scientists and managers thanks to an exceptional quality of life

. Exceptional competencies in the domains of molecular and genetic biology, bioinformatics, proteomics and genomics, oncology, neurosciences, as well as in pharmaceuticals, instrumentation, diagnostics and medical devices

The BioAlps Association:

. Promotes and strengthens synergies among its members in the academic and private sectors

. Fully supports the transfer of technologies and competencies from academic to industrial settings

. Stimulates the development of new businesses

. Develops the exchange of information and resources between scientists, the financial community and government representatives

. Establishes relationships with similar initiatives in the life sciences at the local and national levels

. Provides a communication network throughout Switzerland and internationally in which to disseminate information on its initiatives

. Offers a close and friendly life science community

For more information, please contact:

BioAlps c/o OPI - 3,chemin Pré-Fleuri CH - 1228 Plan-Les-Ouates/ Geneva / Switzerland
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