Company Overview
The Barcelona Science Park (PCB) drives research, knowledge transfer and innovation through smart management of spaces, services and relationships


•OFFICES (m2): Equipped offices from 15m² to 1,000 m².
•LABORATORIES (m2): Equipped laboratories from 50m² to 3,000 m².
•CO-WORKING LABORATORIES (m2): 25 m2 equipped laboratories in a co-working area.
•ACCELERATOR: A free package is offered to medical devices companies willing to land to Barcelona Science Park through the MedTeX, medical devices accelerator.
•MEETING ROOMS: 17 meeting rooms + 3 event rooms.

GENERAL SERVICES: reception, courier and post, 24-hour security, cleaning, maintenance and repairs, changing rooms and reception and delivery of goods.

SCIENTIFIC SERVICES: Core scientific services (described below), radioactivity facility, drosophila service, shared chemistry room, special reaction service, animal facility, proteomic platform, combinatorial chemistry platform and toxicology unit.

SPECIFIC R&D INFRASTRUCTURE: Core scientific services is a self-service access to the following services: cell culture rooms, high-speed centrifuges and ultracentrifuges, spectroscopy equipment, histology equipment, microscopes, freezers, protein purification service, storage in liquid nitrogen, dark rooms, climate chamber set at 37ºC, cold storage rooms and material cleaning and purification service.

COMMUNICATION SERVICES: media campaigns, networking and training activities and workshops, conferences, panel discussions, leisure activities, etc.

PCB’s aim is to dynamize our community made of more than 2,600 researchers, entrepreneurs and business leaders, mainly working in the life science field: pharma, biotechnology, medical devices, nutrition and cosmetics.
The ecosystem is made of 5 top-performing public research institutes (IRB, IBEC, CNAG, IBMB and ICCUB), large pharmaceutical and nutrition companies, SMEs, start-ups, research and technological units form Barcelona University, non-profit organisations and other entities. More than 100 entities are currently hosted at PCB facilities.

The PCB offers an environment that promotes interaction and collaboration among the top-notch research bodies and companies it houses. The PCB is the perfect setting to drive collaboration between companies and research bodies.