Each year, 60% more Africans are killed by cancer than by malaria! New and innovative public-private partnership (PPP) models are desperately needed to curtail cancer deaths by providing access to life-saving medicines. Ministers of Health and national cancer directors from leading African economies will speak about the value and impact of PPPs, and specifically the African Access Initiative (AAI), in addressing the growing cancer crisis in their countries. The African Access Initiative is an innovative, first-of-its-kind market- and demand-driven PPP involving African governments and hospitals, leading oncology companies, world renowned oncologists and healthcare professionals – all dedicated to addressing the cancer priorities of Africans. Access to cancer medicines and treatment in African countries is complex and presents a variety of challenges. Through AAI, these challenges are overcome using a TRUE partnership model that works hand-in-hand with Africans to break through barriers and turn the tide on cancer in Africa.

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