Cancer deaths across Africa are increasing at an alarming rate. This trajectory is projected to continue with an expected 70% increase in cancer deaths by 2030. Immediate action to curtail this epidemic is urgently needed. Cancer clinical trials present an opportunity to take immediate action. BIO Ventures for Global Health (BVGH) launched the African Consortium for Cancer Clinical Trials (AC3T) in Rwanda in November 2017. AC3T is a first-of-its kind clinical trial consortium designed to support oncologists in Africa to conduct trials and gain a firsthand understanding of how their patients respond to life-saving medicines already approved in the United States. Desperately needed data on African ethnicity will be generated while providing access to innovative cancer medicines that will save patient's lives. Hear directly from world renowned breast and prostate cancer researchers and clinicians about their experiences conducting cancer research and clinical trials in Africa. Learn about research institutes and hospitals in Africa and their capabilities for conducting clinical trials.

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