Pandemic influenza is amongst the highest consequence threats to human populations and global economies and the world is not adequately prepared. Responding to these global events presents unique challenges which governments, industry and NGOs are working to solve. The difficulty lies in developing sustainable mechanisms that take into account the particulars of pandemic influenza. Inherent in preparedness for influenza pandemics is the recognition of the dual purpose of the seasonal influenza infrastructure. This competitive commodity market is evolving with new entrants bringing novel technology platforms to market and yet differentiation has been difficult. Meanwhile calls for more effective seasonal vaccines and universal vaccines remain unrealized.

This panel will discuss the multifactoral challenges involved in bringing innovation and improvement to flu products by building more rapid capabilities. This panel of experts will frame the issues and drive a rigorous discussion of the opportunities and barriers to enhanced capacity and capability to address both seasonal and pandemic influenza. Panelists will also discuss the newest research in universal influenza vaccines and their potential impact on the flu market.

Session ID: 36186