In discussions around drug pricing and reimbursement, it seems pharmaceutical companies and insurers are hopelessly deadlocked in a battle of sheer stubbornness. Pharmaceutical companies spend exorbitant, but necessary, amounts of money on drug discovery and clinical trials and insurers must reckon with the prices passed along to them to provide patients with the treatments they need.
The American healthcare system is often conceptualized as Big Pharma versus payers. But does it have to be that way? These two players have the same objective, and face the same obstacle - the historical inaccuracy of pharmaceutical development. Precision medicine initiatives could be the oil that allows these two machines to work together. It is believed that both bodies could cut costs and save money if medicines were more personalized and if therapies were more targeted. Industry thought leaders will tackle these difficult questions and more as they address the missing link between Big Pharma and payers.

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