Global Innovation Hub: Pennsylvania, USA

1:45 PM–2:00 PM Jun 5, 2018 (US - Eastern)

Theater 4, Level 0


Pennsylvania has been a hub of medical research excellence throughout the history of the United States. We are proud to have a number of “firsts” for U.S. medical advances: the first hospital, first mechanical blood pump, first polio vaccine, first therapeutic application of oxygen, and more recently the first FDA-approved gene therapy for an inherited disease. We have a proud history, and we remain a national leader in testing and medical labs, medical devices, and pharmaceuticals. Recently, our digital health and biotherapeutic sectors have seen strong growth.

Our life sciences ecosystem is strong and growing. It is built upon four pillars: the research ability and talent from our world-class R&D institutions, universities and incubators; the targeted technical assistance from our government, accelerators, and philanthropic foundations; the strategic investments from our government, venture capital, technology firms, and hospital systems; and the lower cost of doing business provided by our affordable cost of living and excellent quality of life.

Pennsylvania offers life science businesses many exciting opportunities for growth in the U.S. Companies involved in research and development, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, biotechnology, and diagnostics will all find themselves in good company in Pennsylvania: GlaxoSmithKline, Endo Health Solutions, Shire Pharmaceuticals, Astra Zeneca, Heartsine Technologies, Allergen, Inc., Croda, Inc., Smith & Nephew, Zenith Technologies, and Almac – all have found a place in Pennsylvania's business community.

Top Five Reasons Why You Should Invest in Pennsylvania:

1) Pennsylvania has a large and highly concentrated bioscience industry. Our concentration of bioscience employment is almost 10% higher than the national average, with more than 77,000 jobs that spanned 2,358 individual business establishments in 2014.
2) Pennsylvania has the capital you need to grow. We rank among the top five states for bioscience venture capital investment, and we received the 4th highest NIH funding in the U.S. in 2017.
3) Pennsylvania has the talent and research capabilities you need. We have seven universities in World Top 100 and two in the World Top 100 Biological Sciences Program. We are one of the top five states producing the most STEM graduates, and we are among the highest-ranking states in the US for life science doctoral degrees awarded.
4) Pennsylvania has a great location. We are in the middle of the densely-populated US northeast corridor, with excellent access to the financial hub of New York City, and the regulatory hub of Washington DC.
5) Pennsylvania has a competitive cost of doing business and offers a great quality of life for you and your employees.

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