Brain Health

Mapping the Brain at the “Speed of Thought”

10:30 AM–11:45 AM Jun 7, 2018 (US - Eastern)

Room 255, Level 2


Despite the many advances in neuroscience in recent years, the underlying causes of most of neurological and psychiatric conditions remain largely unknown, due to the vast complexity of the human brain. If we are ever to develop effective ways of helping people suffering from these devastating conditions, researchers will first need a more complete arsenal of tools and information for understanding how the brain functions both in health and disease. In April 2013, the Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies® (BRAIN) Initiative was launched to “accelerate the development and application of new technologies that will enable researchers to produce dynamic pictures of the brain that show how individual brain cells and complex neural circuits interact at the speed of thought.” Long desired by researchers seeking new ways to treat, cure, and even prevent brain disorders, this picture will fill major gaps in our current knowledge and provide unprecedented opportunities for exploring exactly how the brain enables the human body to record, process, utilize, store, and retrieve vast quantities of information. This session will include thought leaders and major investigators from this exciting, international initiative.

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