Though, traditional clusters historically have evolved on their own, the high-tech R&D Innovation clusters could be nucleated and supported. This is increasingly becoming apparent as the incentives, policies and schemes of Central Government through DBT-BIRAC, Atal Innovation combined with complimentary efforts by various state governments have played dominant roles in boosting the growth of Biotech Industry in India.
In this regard special mention could be made of Bangalore- a leading Biotech cluster in Karnataka that has not only come up with a progressive start up policy but also has been very pro-active in implementing it. It is thus expected that Bangalore with its leading edge in Biotechnology combined with progressive policies and incentives would take a centre stage in emerging biotech clusters. In fact the Biotech clusters in other cities are developing and latching on to Bangalore cluster in a hub and spoke model to create a megacluster. So, Bangalore represents a microcosm.

Top reasons why you should invest in Bangalore, India:

1) Presence of large number potentially high impact Biotech start ups
2) Favorable government policies and incentives
3) Presence of large number of technically qualified manpower
4) Presence of strong R&D base owing to great R&D institutions
5) Presence of thriving innovation ecosystem

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