Genopole is the largest French biocluster with a staff of over 2,500 people across 85 companies, 19 public research laboratories, 25 technology platforms, as well as over 110,000 sq.m of office and lab spaces (located in Évry, 30 km south of Paris). Genopole’s thrust is genomics-driven R&D and genomics-derived innovation, and our focus themes of development are regenerative medicine, personalised medicine and synthetic biology. Genopole’s location in Greater Paris makes it a special place to establish European premises. We will describe Genopole's R&D and Innovation assets, and develop the following themes relating to the competitive advantages of Genopole as a landing pad for European activities:
- Greater Paris, as the only mega-city with over 12m residents on continental Europe.
- Greater Paris, as a source of talent, with a description of its universities and schools.
- The sources of financing for biotechnology companies developing in France.

Top reasons to invest in Genopole, France:

1) Critical mass of R&D assets at Genopole
2) Density and variety of talent in Greater Paris
3) Financing tools provided by France
4) Direct support provided to entrepreneurs by Genopole
5) Paris as a strategic location to develop within Europe

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