Global Innovation Hub: Texas, USA

2:15 PM–2:30 PM Jun 5, 2018 (US - Eastern)

Theater 4, Level 0


Houston with over a $1Billions in basic research is rapidly creating the ecosystem required for the next major biotech hub. Houston institutions have found success by experimenting with alternative models of life sciences commercialization to overcome the Valley-Of-Death and rapidly expand Houston’s life sciences ecosystem.

Major initiatives include the establishment of a JLabs in Houston, major initiatives by local academic institutions such as MD Anderson's Institute for Applied Cancer Research (IACS) which anchors the small molecule drug development effort within Anderson.

Fannin Innovation Studio (Fannin) a for-profit development group that partners with the institutions to spin out science and technologies, including those that may be too early for a traditional VC-funded route. Fannin serves as the founding management team and provides the seed capital and resources required to shepherd commercialization through the valley of death and into strategic partnerships.

Top reasons to invest in Fannin Innovation Studio, Houston, Texas:

1) World’s Largest Medical Center: Unmatched patient volumes, clinical trials, and key opinion leaders
2) Major Research & Innovation Engine Over $1B in research annually at MD Anderson, Baylor, UT and 51 o
3) Infrastructure & Resources: Home to two of the largest Life Sciences accelerators in the U.S.
4) Home to Life Sciences Studio: Novel model links researchers with a pooled management team, capital
5) Vibrant Entrepreneurial Ecosystem: Experienced leaders as well as early-career entrepreneurs

Join our presentation to learn more about why you should invest in Fannin Innovation Studio, Houston, Texas.

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