Melbourne, Australia, is home to one of the world's largest biotechnology clusters, consisting of global & homegrown companies known for their excellence and innovation. More than 650 medtech, biotech & pharma companies contribute more than US$12 billion in economic activity. With key R&D infrastructure & advanced manufacturing expertise, it is a highly sought after destination for global companies including CSL, GlaxoSmithKline & Pfizer

More than 40% of the Australian ASX-listed Life science companies are based in Melbourne and many are partnering with multinational companies. Melbourne is one of only 3 cities in the world with two or more universities in the global top 30 bio medicine rankings, & seven of the top ten global pharma companies have an R&D presence in Melbourne.

Top reasons why you should invest in Victoria, Australia:

1) A leading global location for biotech R&D
2) A history of innovative commercial outcomes through partnerships with global companies
3) Advanced and specialized pharmaceutical manufacturing expertise
4) Early phase trials are cost-efficient, fast and high-quality
5) Intensive, bipartisan government support for the biotech sector over 20 years

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