All biotech companies seek to understand patients and families’ experiences and preferences, just as they wish to be preferred partners of advocacy groups. Much has been said about optimal approaches to patient engagement and patient advocacy but translating theory into practice remains a challenge. Emerging biotechs face limited time, resources, and competing priorities. More established biotechs must align with other internal functions, measure success, and more. Optimal outcomes vary, reflecting differing development and commercial targets in specialty medicine, rare diseases, and general medicine. All companies are intent on integrating patients and patient advocates’ perspectives into share value.

This session will explore how theory is turned into practice. Practical planning and involvement around shared interests can help biotech companies, with different focuses and at different stages in their lifecycles, meet development, commercialization and access milestones in practical ways. Well regarded professionals, including senior company executives, a respected advocate, and a payer (tbc), will share knowledge and insights and discuss tangible constructs for success, differentiating between the roles of patient engagement and patient advocacy. Questions from the audience will be encouraged.

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