Lessons learned about the value of new and innovative therapeutics. Data-focused session on the performance of companies focused on areas such immunotherapy, cell therapy, and gene therapy, some of which are breakthrough, or curative. Especially focused on new information available from the IPO class of the past 3-4 years about what drives value in these areas, given the wave of unprecedented innovation in that group. Working with Mark Edwards, who always provides a data-driven provocative discussion, the session looks not only at how these companies have done in the public markets, but also drills down into the specific "life events" or value inflection points that have resulted in asset and company valuation inflections. We have developed a data set of 67 such events and 300 companies which could be the basis for a debate and discussion about:
a. How has the signing of deals evolved with market capitalization?
b. What can we learn about the value of innovation in this group of companies?
c. Should traditional techniques of analyzing these companies be challenged?
d. What is the likely impact on the future of the industry of this set of innovative companies?

Session ID: 36181