Digital Health

Data Standardization in Digital Biomarkers

11:00 AM–12:00 PM Jun 6, 2018 (US - Eastern)

Room 210C, Level 2


Biometric monitoring devices (BMDs) are increasingly viewed as the path to a deeper understanding of disease processes and the status of patients. Health platforms using biometric monitoring allow efficient collection of real-time, high-frequency data with decreased in-clinic assessment time and help to dramatically reduce the sample size to see population effects. Unfortunately, there is currently no interoperable uniformity for BMD-derived data.
Industry leaders will share their thoughts on the development of uniform data standards so as to provide a scientifically based consensus on the way to record, structure and report data generated by BMDs. The standardization of how data are collected, stored, labelled and tagged allows for the exchange of information, facilitates the pooling of data from different devices and allows contextualization of the data. Providing contextualization and standardization will reduce dependence on black-box and proprietary algorithms, making data comparable at all stages of processing.

Ability Level: Advanced

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