As Nobel prize-winning behavioral economist Richard Thaler discussed, the easiest way to encourage or “nudge” customers into making a certain decision is by making their choice easy. More specifically, understanding the “what”, “how” and “why” of a customer’s decision-making process will help biopharma companies create effective and truly customer-centric programs and solutions around their medicines.
Customer decision-making is often irrational and driven by a host of functional, psychological and social factors. By focusing on these underlying drivers of decision-making and behavior, the industry has the opportunity to deliver customer-centric solutions that improve outcomes and to be seen as a supportive partner in a customer’s journey. Officials from some of the industry’s most successful research organizations, behaviour change experts and trailblazing companies in life sciences will share insights and best practices as they detail their own experiences in applying behavioral science to drive change in the evolving and ever more customer-centric landscape.

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