Digital Health

Digital Transformation in the Life Sciences

12:00 PM–1:00 PM Jun 7, 2018 (US - Eastern)

Room 210C, Level 2


This panel will feature healthcare innovators as they assess digital transformation through the value chain, from R&D to point of care. Research is now facilitated by analytics, and clinicals are optimized by alliances with online patient groups and remote monitoring. Communications are guided by an understanding of the entire patient journey, from pre-diagnosis to post-treatment. This new model entails the parallel development of therapies, diagnostics and biomarkers. It relies on patient engagement and co-creation from early discovery to trials.
While challenges remain, such as a disconnect between health apps and medical records as well as security issues, digital technologies hold great promise to optimize outcomes, show the value of therapies and build consumer trust. Key questions to be addressed in the panel include: How can biopharmas harness data to provide insights, from science to market? What are effective strategies for multichannel outreach? And, how can companies ensure that communications are secure?

Ability Level: All

Session ID: 21076